It goes without saying that 2020 was a crazy year. Most would say it was their worst year yet. 
Not me.

Let's go back a year. 2019. I started that year off living outside of Las Vegas, my car had recently broken down and I was working at a Timeshare Company to make money to not only fix it, but also to go to Peru with my girlfriend at the time.
It wasn't easy, I was spending most of my money on Lyft rides to and from work. Not to mention it was off season for tourism and VERY cold by Vegas standards, and even Minnesota standards. Something about that desert wind just hits different.
By February I had my car back and my tickets purchased. Things were good. I was doing comedy in Las Vegas and LA. My girlfriend worked as a flight attendant for a mexican airline. She lived full time in Mexico City so we only saw each other when her work allowed, which was rare. So when I almost missed the flight I was a bit panicked...but not worried. That's the theme of the year but it isn't something new to me. Whenever a stressful situation happens I sit back and just trust everything will work out.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
I went to LA on a monday, my flight left on Wed so I was hoping to get some stage time at The Comedy Store before I left the country. My friend was hosting so chances were higher than normal but unfortunately he wasn't able to work me into the line up.
I was a bit bummed but, what can you do? 

As I was leaving I walked past Sam Tripoli who said "hey come tomorrow I'll get you up"
He had just arrived, didn't even know i was bummed about not getting up that night.
The next night he was producing a show in the mainroom of The Comedy Store! He put me on the lineup which also included Joe Rogan! It was a great night. The next day I flew to Peru. I had a layover in Mexico City and thanks to my phone not being in service in a new country, I was an hour late to my gate and missed the flight. I literally watched my flight back up from the tube. I was devastated but not worried. I was able to get ahold of my gf who was able to get me a seat on her flight which left an hour after mine from a totally different terminal on the  opposite side of the airport. 
I made it. Peru was awesome.

While I was in Peru I was informed I was no longer welcome to live in the house I was living. I was renting space in a living room and sleeping on an air mattress but apparently the owner was getting back together with his wife and she didn't want me on the floor. 
Instead of arguing I 
decided to go back to living in my car upon return.

In May of 2019 my car and everything I owned was stolen.
Broad daylight, El Cortez Parking garage at 5p. Guy walked up with a shaved key. 
Again, I was absolutely devastated. I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that even though I had no home or anything, I still had a life worth stealing. Just goes to show, someone is always looking to have what you have no matter how little you think you have.

Not worried. I knew I had all I needed because right away people started offering me places to stay. I had a job. I had all I needed. I realized I really don't need much to live. I became detached from material possessions. We find identity in what we had. Why? Makes us feel good to live in the past. Why not feel good living in the present. or better yet...the future.

I was gifted a minivan thanks to some amazing people who contributed to a gofundme started by Susan Jones. She gave me hope. 

With the van I planned on finally traveling the country. Hopping from town to town telling jokes to strangers from stage...or at least from behind a microphone.

I got sick. I had a tour started in July, drove across the country from Vegas to Kentucky then up to Minnesota, and almost died due to my raging diverticulitis infection that I was unaware of.
While visiting family my polyps ruptured and I needed to be hospitalized for a total of 19 days with 24hour IV in a picc line for a total of about 60 days, surgery as well as the recovery. It was hell.


Upon, recovery the only job I could find in my hometown to escape back to LA was as a substitute janitor at my old high school wondering if that was my future, and if so why didn't diverticulitis just kill me like the nurses said it could. There's no shame in janitor work. I just know it's not a life for me. There's so much more I want to see.
I was able to do a few shows during this time but I wasn't able to be in the comedy scene like I was used to being. No mic time. Only a couple feature sets and guest sets between Sept 5 - Dec. 
I headlined a show at a bowling alley that did not go well on Dec 28th... 

And thats how I started my 2020.